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We are no longer offering Behavioral Health Ombuds

Behavioral Health Ombuds is now being offered by the Office of Behavioral Health Advocacy (OBHA). They will be able to assist with:

  • Researching client rights relating to the client’s concern 
  • Filing a grievance with a provider or the Salish Behavioral Health Organization. If needed, we also follow through to be sure that the grievance is resolved and that you are kept informed of the process.
  • Provide advocacy to help ensure that the client’s choices and rights are respected. 
  • Help appeal an adverse determination. 
  • When allowable, assist in preparing for a State of Washington Fair Hearing.

Click here for a printable brochure with further information on OBHA.
Click here for a printable Spanish brochure with further information on OBHA.

New Ombuds Contact Information

OBHA Contact Information

Toll Free Phone: 800.366.3103

Salish Region Contact Information

Phone: 360.692.1582
Toll Free: 888.377.8174

Confidential Fax: 360.692.1595

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