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Small Claims Mediation

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Why Mediate?

Mediating a Small Claims case is an excellent choice for clients filing Small Claims actions. In mediation, clients are able to consider remedies to satisfy their conflict that the court is not able to address.

In Small Claims mediation the clients can discuss and negotiate:

  • Payment plans
  • Return of property
  • Boundary disputes
  • Communication agreements
  • Restoration of a past relationship

Clients that choose to use mediation still have the option of returning to court should the outcome of mediation not meet their needs.

How can I request mediation?

Once you have a Small Claims case filed, leave a message at 360-698-0968 or email us at to

  1. Request mediation before your court date
  2. Request mediation at court when you arrive for your hearing.

Trained mediators are on-site during Small Claims court proceedings to provide mediation services. During your assigned court session they will offer their services. Both parties must agree to try mediation to resolve the case. It is a voluntary process.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our services are free to people who have filed a court action. A small fee is charged if no court action is filed when the mediation occurs.

How Can I Get More Information?

More information is available at the District Court website for Kitsap County Small Claims.