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Youth Services

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Looking for Ways to Support Youth?

You’ve come to the right place!

The Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County offers a variety of programs that serve the youth of Kitsap County.

For all programs, contact Youth Services at: (360) 698-0968 or

Family Conflict?

Parent-Youth Mediation, a Free Service

Parent Youth mediation is a process that helps parents and youth sort through issues, talk about what’s most important, and look at ways of moving forward together.

Go to our Parent Youth Mediation page

Looking for Restorative Circles in Your School or Community?

The DRC supports schools and community youth groups in providing Restorative Circles for youth as part of ongoing efforts to build community, empathy, and connection. These circles are part of evidence-based programs that have been shown to build social equity and reduce harm. Examples of such circles could be:

  • Morning circles
  • Connection circles
  • Support in grief and loss
  • Repairing harm

These Circles may take place in schools or other settings as appropriate. If you are a youth, parent, school administrator or other youth services provider and are interested in this service, please contact the DRC at 360-698-0968.

Looking for Peer Mediation Programs? 

Go to our Peer Mediation page

Looking for Training in How to Run Circles?

Go to our Training page

Referred by Juvenile Services?

The DRC convenes Restorative Circles for youth who have committed crimes other than theft, most often these referrals are made through the Juvenile Justice System, either by the Diversion Process or by the youth’s Probation officer. We also honor community requests. You can reach Youth Services at (360)698-0968 or

Once a month the DRC also convenes a Theft Prevention Circle, which is a restorative process that addresses the needs of youth who have been caught stealing. This circle includes their parents or guardians and members of their community. The circle allows youth to move past their crime and repair and rebuild relationships that were damaged by their actions. 

The DRC also offers Victim/Offender Mediation in which victims can, when possible and appropriate, meet with the person who caused the harm. This type of mediation offers the opportunity for all parties to find some resolution and in many cases to offer apology and closure. These mediations can be referred through Juvenile Services or initiated by the victim by contacting Youth Services at (360)698-0968 or

Issues with Bullying?

If your community is impacted by bullying, see Victim-Offender or Restorative Circles above.

What is Bullying? Go to our Bullying page

Are You a Teen Looking for Opportunities to Volunteer?

The Dispute Resolution Center welcomes teens to volunteer as mediators in the Parent Youth Mediation program. We are looking for teens, 14–18, who:

  • Are good listeners
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Have the ability to problem solve
  • Are able to consider other people’s point of view
  • Want to learn valuable leadership skills

Go to our Youth Volunteer Opportunities page

Don’t see what you’re looking for? 

You can reach out to our Intake staff at, or Youth Services at (360)698-0968 or