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Parent Youth Mediation

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What Can I Expect?

Mediation is a chance for parents and teens to have safe and positive conversations about family disagreements and conflicts at home.

Parents and youth can expect the following in mediation: 

  • You can tell the mediators what is going on for you and what you hope will happen in mediation.
  • With the mediators help, you will search for solutions to the problem.
  • Mediators will help you communicate your feelings about what is happening.
  • You will work on mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Mediators will help you put the solutions in a written agreement as appropriate. All agreements are voluntary and in parties’ language.

Parent-Youth Mediations are free of cost and sessions last no longer than 1.5 hours. All mediations are voluntary and confidential.

How do I prepare for mediation?

Typically, the following are required for a successful mediation:

  • All parties recognize that there is a conflict
  • All parties agree to mediate
  • All parties necessary to make an agreement are able to attend the mediation
  • Parties agree to follow rules of common courtesy
  • Each party must be capable of making a decision and following through with an agreement
  • Parties come prepared to share all relevant concerns and to listen to the other parties’ concerns.

Have any of these concerns?

  • House rules about curfew, dating or chores
  • Respect and fairness
  • Friendships
  • Siblings
  • Violence
  • Runaway and juvenile justice
  • School attendance and grades

… try Parent-Youth Mediation!