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Training for Mediators

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Domestic Violence Mediation Training

This three day training provides the required information and practice for mediators seeking to become certified to mediate DV cases at the Kitsap DRC. No prior experience or training, besides the Basic Mediation Training, is necessary.

This training will be hosted in person. COVID safety protocols such as masking and social distancing may be required depending on attendee needs and public health recommendations.

If you are not sure you need to attend all days of the training, please email us at to verify which days you need to attend, and to obtain relevant discount codes.

Next training: 7-9 September, 2023

Family Mediation Training

Our 24-hour Family Mediation Training offers mediators essential learning on how to effectively mediate parenting plans and dissolutions.

This training is required for mediating family cases through the DRC of Kitsap County. Experienced mediators as well as mediators-in-training are both encouraged to attend. Previous basic mediation training is recommended, but not required for this training.

CLE credits (including ethics), and teacher clock hours available. 

Training offered via Zoom. Regular Tuition is $425. DRC volunteer discount price is $250 (email for volunteer discount codes)

Next training: 2-4 November, 2023

Parent-Youth Mediation Training

This 16-hour training covers the principles and processes used by the DRC in mediating Parent-Youth cases. Topics include family dynamics, power issues, social discipline, developmental characteristics, and underlying interests. Participants engage in case study role plays to help cement their learning.

Please email us at for more information on this training and future training dates.

Multi-Party Restorative Mediation Training

Want to learn how to facilitate groups in conflict using a restorative process?

This training builds on the foundations provided in our 3-day Restorative Circles Training and is required for all those who wish to facilitate Multi-Party Restorative Mediations for the Kitsap DRC.

This 3-day training covers the steps from initial intake to final restorative facilitation that can be applied to a wide variety of group conflicts. Students apply their skills and knowledge in a mock circle demonstration.

The cost is $250 for DRC Volunteers; $425 for all others. All prior attendees can pay the $15/day audit fee.

Please email us at for more information on this training and future training dates.

Victim-Offender Meeting Training

Learn the basic principles of Victim-Offender Meetings while touching on the Philosophy and Values of Restorative Justice!

Regular cost of the training is $490. Cost for Kitsap DRC Volunteers is $300.

Trainer: Eric Gilman. Eric has over 30 years’ experience in victim offender meetings, and was a co-developer of the pioneering Canadian program that facilitates contact between victims and offenders in serious and violent crimes. 

Eric also helped develop the Facilitated Dialogue Program operated by the Oregon Department of Corrections.  He has developed and written a comprehensive victim offender meeting training program that is used internationally.

Please email us at for more information on this training and future training dates.

Mediator Practicum

Graduates of a 40-hour Mediation Training are eligible for applying for our Mediator Practicum to become a certified mediator. This is a great opportunity for individuals wishing to continue building their skills and enhance their professional lives.

Most mediators will confirm that mediation training provides personal growth in communication and conflict resolution skills.

Interns observe actual cases and work with experienced mediators in a co-mediation setting to practice their skills. This is a unique experience and a valuable opportunity to build expertise in the field.


Additional Resources for Mediators