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Peer Mediation

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What Is Peer Mediation?

Peer Mediation gives students an opportunity to resolve their conflicts through communication and problem solving. Fellow students trained in the peer mediation process facilitate conversations between students to help them settle disputes in a way that is satisfactory to all involved. 

Some studies show that in schools with peer mediation programs, there is a greater willingness to help friends avoid fights and solve problems. Some schools report that after starting a peer mediation program, fights, referrals to the office and suspensions decreased.

What is required for a successful Peer Mediation Program?

  • The school commits to implementing a Peer Mediation Program.
  • The school selects a Peer Mediation Program Coordinator from among the staff
  • The school determines what kinds of conflicts are appropriate for mediation.
  • A location at school is set up for mediations.
  • A diverse group of students are selected and trained as Peer Mediators.
  • The DRC provides mediation training to students and school staff.
  • The Peer Mediation Program is “advertised” throughout the school community.
  • DRC and school staff monitor implementation and effectiveness of the Peer Mediation Program through on-going support, program evaluation, and annual training.

What does a Peer Mediation Coordinator do?

The role of the Peer Mediation Coordinator is to:

  • Help in the selection of student mediators
  • Participation in training activities
  • Schedule mediations for student conflicts
  • Meet periodically to support peer mediators
  • Monitor and evaluate the Peer Mediation Program

Ready to get started?

Email our Peer Mediation Program Coordinator here for more information or if you want to set up a Peer Mediation program at your school.